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Commercial Dumpster Rentals Available in Spotsylvania, VA


When you work in construction or demolition, you know you'll get your hands a little dirty. As you tear apart asphalt, break up concrete, and pull down supporting walls, you leave a pile of debris and damaged material in your way.

However, you and your team can't leave the mess on-site for long. Any waste left lying around could pose a tripping hazard to your crew, and get in your way.

For easy post-demolition and construction cleanup, turn to the team at Michael's Rolloff Solutions. We provide rental construction dumpsters to Fredericksburg, VA and surrounding area businesses for an affordable price.
Keep Your Site Clean and Safe

Our commercial construction dumpsters rely on sturdy metal, so they can withstand the heavy-duty trash you throw in them. We'll gladly collect dirt, brick, asphalt, scrap metal, and other construction debris. But please note that we do not accept asbestos, asbestos-based products, or any other hazardous waste.

Hassle-Free Delivery and Pickup

Whether you need to remodel a kitchen or replace the roof of an apartment complex, you can count on us for speedy service and delivery. For your convenience, we can provide your dumpster within the same day you call; you won't have to delay your project in Fredericksburg, VA to accommodate our schedule.

Choose the Right Size for Your Project

At Michael's Rolloff Solutions, we want you to save money on your next project, so we offer a construction dumpster in an optimal size for your needs. As a result, you'll never have to pay for more than you require. Furthermore, we can create a pickup schedule that best suits your budget and the volume of garbage you need to dispose, so you don't have to worry about waste piling up around your work site.

If you'd like to learn more about which size would be best for the job or to order a dumpster, call our Fredericksburg, VA office at 540-834-2222.